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  1.   The Headquarters of the Colchester & East Essex Football League shall be at Stanway Rovers Football Club, New Farm Road, Stanway, Essex CO3 0PQ
  1.   There will be a General Meeting at least once a season.  Meetings will be at 7.30pm unless otherwise advised by the Hon. Secretary.
  1.   The Hon. Secretary shall give seven clear days’ notice to each club of every meeting together with an agenda of the business as far as possible.
  1.   If required by the Chairman, notice of intended motions shall be given by writing to the Hon. Secretary.
  1.   All questions shall be determined by a show of hands, unless in the opinion of the meeting it is desirable that the voting on any particular point or subject be conducted by ballot.
  1.   If the Chairman at any meeting is of the opinion that any motion proposed thereat is of an objection able character, it shall be competent for him, either before or after the same is brought forward, to put it to the vote whether the proposed motion  be discussed and no discussion shall be allowed if 75% of the members present vote in support of the Chairman’s opinion.
  1.   No member IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES shall be allowed to vote at any meeting on any matter relating to the club he represents.  In the event of any dispute or protest the representatives of the club(s) concerned shall not be eligible to sit in the meeting while such dispute or protest is being considered.
  1.   No resolution shall be rescinded at the meeting at which it is passed, unless the motion to rescind is carried by a 75% majority of the members present and voting at that meeting.
  1.   The League may make any addition(s), or alteration(s), to these Standing Orders at any time, subject to seven days’ notice of any proposed alteration(s) or addition(s) being given to each member.